This Week: Persuasion

This week I want to continue to talk about the art of persuasion. Persuasion is important when it comes to landing business deals. There are 6 aspects of persuasion:

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Scarcity
  3. Authority
  4. Consistency
  5. Social proof
  6. Liking

Today we are going to talk about Scarcity.

Nothing motivates clients or buyers more than knowing they are getting something exclusive. When building up your business and sourcing clients resist the urge to project you are always available.

It is human nature to take for granted a readily available resource. Your time is a precious resource, make it so and market it as such!

Practicing scarcity will do two things:

  1. Help your prioritize and focus your business goals.
  2. Ensure you have high quality customers

Sounds like a win-win, amirite?

Homework: Apply Scarcity

It is perfectly normal to toot your own horn when pitching to clients. However be sure to mention to your clients what they stand to lose if they fail to partner with you. Generating a sense of urgency on their part will eliminate the all too common hemming and hawing.

Where can you use scarcity in your business? Have you streamlined your business? If you need any help with your business contact us!

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The Elevator Pitch


Everyone hopes to land the hour-long meeting with a potential client where you can lay out how your business is awesome. Realistically, you are not going to get an hour.

Cue: “The Elevator Pitch”

Many studies have shown that people can usually make a decision to work with you in under a minute!The average attention span of a person is only 30 seconds before they’re mind begins to wonder. Here are five elements to creating a client-landing “Elevator Pitch”:

Be Clear: You know what your business does, but your client doesn’t. Explain your services and remember what you don’t say, they don’t know.

Be Specific: Your potential client needs to know your paying attention to their specific business problem. A personal touch goes a long way. Start off on the right foot by applying your business solutions to their unique issue.

Be Visionary: Your client has to “see” themselves working with you. A visual image in your clients’ mind will leave a lasting impact.

Be Interesting: Grab their attention! Where is your client hurting the most? How can your business knock things out of the park for customers? Whatever it is use colorful examples to draw potential customers in.

Be Succinct: An elevator pitch is only 30 seconds. Say your pitch right now. Was it 30 seconds? If not, go back to the drawing board. Cut the fluff and zero in on the little nugget of gold your client needs.

As always if you need help, or just want a sounding board, contact us. We are here to help.


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