7 Steps Towards A Better You

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.” — Jim Rohn

Prepare and Plan, Plan and Prepare

It’s time to sit down and make some goals. In life, business/career, and relationships. Then break down how exactly you want to achieve those goals. Research each task you need to complete and plan out each day how you will work towards that task. You’ll be surprised on how much work goes into accomplishing the simplest of goals. This isn’t to frighten you. Preparing and planning are to get you in the mindset of progress. Planning and preparing allows you to course correct and improve quickly. It gives purpose but you must start any endeavor here.

Prioritize fitness

Your mind and body have to be on the same page. No matter the goals you set for your self in step 1, physical fitness is important to ensure you are physically well enough to accomplish your goals. By prioritizing fitness you give yourself a break mentally as well. Even if you start off with a short walk around the block work out your body. It will also give you the added benefit of looking great.

Embrace Failure

You’re roaring to go, and your doing great until failure strikes. Don’t be discouraged. In fact, it’s time to celebrate. Failure is an excellent teacher. Do you need to answer emails at a certain time, change your marketing strategy, revisit your business plan? Failure will highlight what’s not working quicker than any adviser.

Learn to say “No”

We are big on saying “No”. It’s critical to your success. The sooner you can learn to say “no” the better. Learn to say “no” to people who stand in your way, learn to say “no” to laziness, learn to say “no” to procrastination, learn to say “no” to things that cost you time and money.

Move in silence

When you start seeing progress resist the urge to shout your success from the roof tops. You’re excited, that’s great! However, you still have work to do. Move in silence means you continue your progress and let your accomplishments speak for themselves. This will keep you humble. By continuing to make moves in silence you also avoid people who want a piece of your time and money. You’re going to be successful and that’s going to attract attention.

Be Confident

You may not be where you want to be just yet; however, in life, business/career, and relationships you need to be confident. As you improve yourself stop thinking about the old you. You’re amazing and need to start acting like it. Your confidence is infectious be prepared to see negative people, business partners, and negative thoughts fade away. As you become more confident you will start to hold yourself to a higher standard.

Get Sleep

You’ve put in some serious work, but don’t forget to recharge your batteries. Put your phone out of reach, put the tablet face down, and focus on getting sleep. In the U.S. it’s popular to brag about pulling all-nighters or working around the clock, but it’s not necessary nor is it healthy. You will undo everything you’ve worked for if you don’t get rest. It’s time make sleep just as important as any other goal you have and will have.


We are excited about you becoming a better you! Let us know how you plan to be a better you.

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5 Ways to be More Productive

This week we talked about the easiest way to free up time by delegating tasks to a virtual assistant. However, while we wait for you to get your LaBlaq Creativ freelancer let’s talk about 5 things you can do now as an entrepreneur to be more productive.











1. Get up early

The  earlier, the better. The beginning of the day is when you have the most control over it. Once clients, spouses, and kids are up it’s a race against the clock. Many new entrepreneurs are excited about setting their own schedule. Avoid the temptation to sleep in simply because you can. If you are finishing your client work early, great!












2. Eat the Frog

No, not literally. This phrase simply means there is a task you know you need to do. It’s been sitting in the back of your mind since you went to sleep. The task that you don’t want to do is the task you NEED to do first. It’s gross, it’s icky, but push through and EAT THAT FROG. The sooner you get through the unwanted task(s) the less time wasted avoiding it.










3. Plan your day

This seems really obvious. However, due to the nature of entrepreneurship it is surprisingly easy to get sucked into the world of the unorganized. Mapping out your day will help you focus on what is important. It will also help you prioritize your success.











4. Check your Email

This is a tad controversial. Many people suggest avoiding your inbox as long as possible due to the distractions it can cause. Set a timer, and check your email. Any email that requires more than a quick response, add to your to-do list!













5. Personal Time

In the beginning it seems like personal time should be a reward. This is a recipe for a fast burn-out. You are a person outside your business. Stay connected to family/friends. Make your hobbies a priority for yourself. Personal time must be scheduled in or you’ll never take the time. Work-life balance is the “raison d’etre” for many entrepreneurs. This is a lofty and elusive goal, but you can ensure you have some semblance of a life if you schedule mandatory personal time.

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