Fear: The Monster



Fear is the monster that slays more businesses before they are even born! Every small business or entrepreneur has a fear monster they have to battle. Fear pops-up in unexpected places when you are running your business. You are chugging along with your new business and suddenly you’re paralyzed with a decision.

Do you partner with that brand? Do you fire that person? Do you expand?

Wherever you are in your business know that it is completely normal to have fear. However, being paralyzed by fear is dangerous especially when the competition is nipping at your heels. So…how do we move past fear?

Here are 5 steps I take to push past the fear monster:

  1. Acknowledge it- The Fear monster THRIVES on inaction. Ignoring what you are afraid of feels good at the moment, but as time rolls on whatever you are afraid of is rotting in your mind. It gnaws at you and makes the monster grow.
  2. Identify- Look that fear monster square in the eye and figure out what is? Is it a task? Is it a new concept? What is it that makes you afraid of this business problem.
  3. Break it Down- Now it’s time to get to work! But wait!!! Not too much work. You’ve identified the monster now accomplish the smallest task you need to do minimize your fear monster. Repeat. And REPEAT.
  4. Help- Ask for help. I understand your business is your baby and you don’t want anyone else handling your precious baby. But guess what? You are hurting your baby by not getting help. Take a step back and ask your mentor for help or invest in consulting.
  5. Study- Yes, that’s right! After you tackled the fear monster, you need to study your reaction. Why was your reaction your reaction? What led to the fear? What led to inaction? This is an important step. The next time a crisis of fear descends on you, you will have the correct mindset to address and press through.

Fear can be a wonderful motivation in the world of entrepreneurship. It give us a reality check and forces us to apply wisdom to our decisions. However, fear is not supposed to take up permanent residence in your business or life.

If you are struggling with your business and want to farm out tasks without blowing through your budget contact us today.

We are excited about your future!


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