5 Ways to be More Productive

This week we talked about the easiest way to free up time by delegating tasks to a virtual assistant. However, while we wait for you to get your LaBlaq Creativ freelancer let’s talk about 5 things you can do now as an entrepreneur to be more productive.











1. Get up early

The  earlier, the better. The beginning of the day is when you have the most control over it. Once clients, spouses, and kids are up it’s a race against the clock. Many new entrepreneurs are excited about setting their own schedule. Avoid the temptation to sleep in simply because you can. If you are finishing your client work early, great!












2. Eat the Frog

No, not literally. This phrase simply means there is a task you know you need to do. It’s been sitting in the back of your mind since you went to sleep. The task that you don’t want to do is the task you NEED to do first. It’s gross, it’s icky, but push through and EAT THAT FROG. The sooner you get through the unwanted task(s) the less time wasted avoiding it.










3. Plan your day

This seems really obvious. However, due to the nature of entrepreneurship it is surprisingly easy to get sucked into the world of the unorganized. Mapping out your day will help you focus on what is important. It will also help you prioritize your success.











4. Check your Email

This is a tad controversial. Many people suggest avoiding your inbox as long as possible due to the distractions it can cause. Set a timer, and check your email. Any email that requires more than a quick response, add to your to-do list!













5. Personal Time

In the beginning it seems like personal time should be a reward. This is a recipe for a fast burn-out. You are a person outside your business. Stay connected to family/friends. Make your hobbies a priority for yourself. Personal time must be scheduled in or you’ll never take the time. Work-life balance is the “raison d’etre” for many entrepreneurs. This is a lofty and elusive goal, but you can ensure you have some semblance of a life if you schedule mandatory personal time.

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5 reason to hire us!


  1. Speed

You know what you need done and how exactly you want it done. Instead of dealing with endless meetings, working with a remote worker will cut down on the chatter and time wasting. You can get straight to the deliverables. However, LaBlaq Creativ account assistants are friendly and will happily chat with you, but that is free of charge. 😀

  1. Convenience

You have a moment of inspiration at 3am. Great! You don’t have to wait until 8 am or 9 am to get started on your idea. Reach out to your remote secret weapon (that’s us) and watch things get started sooner rather than later. A LaBlaq Creativ account assistant is always available.

  1. Growth

The best and worst problem to have is wanting to grow your business, but not being able to because you need help. Hiring a remote assistant will give you the ability to grow your business quickly. Also, a LaBlaq Creativ account assistant will cost less money than hiring an employee. Less money spent on payroll means more money you can invest into your business.

  1. Competitive Edge

Sometimes a company will experience massive growth not because they are best at something, but because they are first. Having a virtual assistant means having the flexibility to launch products and services quickly. Never miss the ability to be first again.

  1. Access

One of the biggest perks to a virtual assistant is they are readily available. A LaBlaq Creativ account assistant biggest selling point is that they are flexible with time. You work around the clock, so do we. Also, there is a major selling point to working with us then your traditional remote workers. Never worry about counting the clock again and never fear getting an unexpectedly high invoice.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and grow your business, contact us today!

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This Week: Persuasion

I want to continue to talk about the art of persuasion. Persuasion is important when it comes to landing business deals. There are 6 aspects of persuasion:

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Scarcity
  3. Authority
  4. Consistency
  5. Social proof
  6. Liking

Today we are going to talk about Authority & Consistency

I believe Authority and Consistency go hand in hand when it comes to the power of persuasion. You can’t be an authority or expert in your craft without generating consistent results.

When it comes to convincing potential clients to do business with you they want to be sure you know your services inside out and that you have the proof to back it up. If you are just getting started you can build your brand by doing one simple thing:

Build a portfolio!

Don’t be intimidated by this very easy task. Do you have pictures of your work, a client testimonial on Facebook, something you built for free you’re proud of? These are all artifacts that should go into your portfolio!

Homework: Apply Authority & Consistency

Build your portfolio! If you don’t have one to give your potential clients you are behind the times.

Where can you use authority and consistency in your business? Have you streamlined your business? If you need any help with building your portfolio, contact us!

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