Our most popular service package! LaBlaq Creativ is all about flexibility. We understand that your business needs may not fit neatly in one service package.

Never fear! We have the solution, the BIG Solution.

We offer each client a fully customizable package that will work best for your business’ needs. Our Big Solution package works for all business types and sizes.

LaBlaq Creativ allows clients to select multiple aspects of our other service packages to create a solution that best works for your business.

If you are interested in this package follow these steps:

  1. Review our other Service Packages
  2. Pick your preferred services
  3. Pick you hours needs weekly
  4. Fill out the above in our contact form

Still not exactly sure what you need? That’s ok, simply say you need in “The Big Solution” and we will take it from there. Contact us today to get a quote!

We offer each client a fully customizable package with the sole aim of being tailored to a client’s specific need. Our packages cover a large spectrum of needs for all business types and sizes. We also give our clients the ability to have package “add-ons,” so that clients have the ability to select whichever extras they may desire. Also, LaBlaq Creativ offers long and short term packages to give clients the flexibility they need without feeling locked into a contract.

Big Solution
Per Week
20 hours per week.
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Big Solution
35 hours per week.
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*The above is a guide and not a quote*