Need a mini human resources assistant? We love people so it makes sense that we are also in the people business.

LaBlaq Creativ can provide help with your H.R. needs.  This service package can help your business with the following:

  • Recruiting
  • Employee handbook creation
  • SLA creation
  • Employee relation management
  • General human resources assistance
  • Training and Development Plan

Before we get started with this package we take the time to learn about the type of company culture you are trying to establish. A strong solid foundation in consistency is key when attracting and retaining talent to your business. The performance of an individual in an organization is largely driven by the work atmosphere or work culture that prevails in the workplace. A LaBlaq Creativ assistant will ensure recruited personnel truly fit with your organization. Investing in this service package ensures you have happy and effective employees in your business. This always pays off in employee productivity.

For small businesses, in particular, human capital is vital due to the fact that many small business and transitioning solo-preneurs have employees who perform cross-functional duties. Eliminate workplace issues from the beginning by investing in a LaBlaq Creativ H.R. assistant today.

Please note: the above list is not an exhaustive of all that we can do, but is our specialty.

Contact us today to get your human resources tasks accomplished!

We offer each client a fully customizable package with the sole aim of being tailored to a client’s specific need. Our packages cover a large spectrum of needs for all business types and sizes. We also give our clients the ability to have package “add-ons,” so that clients have the ability to select whichever extras they may desire. Also, LaBlaq Creativ offers long and short term packages to give clients the flexibility they need without feeling locked into a contract.

per week
up to 10 hours.
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per week
up to 20 hours.
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per week
up to 35 hours.
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*The above is a guide and not a quote*