Social media is changing the world every day. It has evolved into a powerful tool for marketing. It is no longer a tool that serves as simply as an online popularity contest. Your business’ needs extend further than just a random Facebook account post or posting a picture about your business on Instagram. Social media today is all about branding and more importantly helping your business get the recognition and following it needs to remain competitive.

Today, social media has transformed into a unique way of extending your brands reach and interacting with potential clients. Investing in this service will also allow your business to establish itself as an active authority in it’s industry. LaBlaq Creativ provides assistance in offering a consistent and constant online presence. Let us take away the stress of posting and content creation.

LaBlaq Creativ will review your brand and together we help you determine which social media platform(s) fit your business.We will layout a general account-design overview and upon your agreement we will then setup or maintain each account for whichever platform is selected. Every social media account we set up for your business will receive content contingent upon the plan we create for your business.

Currently, we provide services for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Contact us today so we can generate a quote and a plan for your business’ needs.

We offer each client a fully customizable package with the sole aim of being tailored to a client’s specific need. Our packages cover a large spectrum of needs for all business types and sizes. We also give our clients the ability to have package “add-ons,” so that clients have the ability to select whichever extras they may desire. Also, LaBlaq Creativ offers long and short term packages to give clients the flexibility they need without feeling locked into a contract.


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